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If you are thinking of shifting to a new place or renovating your existing place, you need to get everything right for a smoother and easier life ranging from the water system to the electrical system of the house. Electricity is something that is so much entangled with everyone’s lives that you just can’t ignore its necessity. Whenever you have any need regarding electric appliance services, you can find yourself typing electrician near me in Hicksville, NY on google. That’s nothing to be surprised of, nearly everyone has done it once or twice.

A safe and healthy environment free of the hazards of electricity is very important for your loved ones. While electricity has proven to be a life-changing invention, a great responsibility of handling also comes with it. If not handled or managed with utmost attention, it can do more damage than good. So you better keep your attention towards the household electric circuits and at office ones too.

Electric installations can be a tough job, but not with the assistance of Mr. Electric. The company can deliver you quality work with increased performance. Here are some of the services they provide to their customers.

  • Smoke detection and carbon monoxide installations
  • Ceiling fan installation and upgradation of circuits
  • Commercial generator installations
  • Back generator installation for services required at home
  • Power consumption meters
  • Water heater installations
  • All kinds of lighting installation to provide adequate illumination

This range of services can be found only at Mr. Electric. Your work doesn’t get finished on mere installations of these appliances at home. Safety is yet another step that you don’t want a skip. The company ensures the safety of your homes and offices by using the following things:

  • Childproof outlets for the safety of kids at home as adults can’t supervise them all the time.
  • Circuit breaker replacement, which can prevent the circuits from being overloaded.
  • Businesses can’t run without computers today, Mr. Electric provides dedicated computer circuits to prevent any damage to computers due to anomalies in the circuit.
  • Power surges can strike unexpectedly and can cause irreparable damages. It can be protected with the help of surge protector installation.

All these methods ensure the safety of the highest quality. Now you know the answer to your initial question i.e., electrician near me in Hicksville, NY. Give Mr. Electric a chance to serve you, and the company will go beyond your expectations.