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The first thing to do, therefore, is to prove that a credit is irrecoverable. This is possible by producing documentation that analytically certifies the definitive nature of the loss suffered. According to what has been established by a recent circular from the Ministry of the Interior, in the event that a detailed report issued by a debt collection agency is provided, able to certify the negative outcome of the collection attempt, this can be considered as proof valid to declare the unpaid credit uncollectible short term loans.     Therefore, contacting an agency of this type is certainly the best solution in this specific case since, in addition to the declaration certifying the bad debt, this can help the creditor at 360 degrees, providing a series of tools aimed at resolve the matter. But it does not end here: a credit recovery agency is authorized, in fact, to proceed with specific economic and patrimonial assessments, which allow you to go and identify the type of best procedure to reach the solution of the dispute High interest short term loans.

In fact, starting an investigation on the financial and financial situation of the debtor helps not a little in solving the problem and only a credit recovery agency is able to do all this in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, they should be at your disposal. Credits, whether due or not, must always be obtained, because they are an inalienable right of those who accrue them.