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Teach your dog a new trick. Practical abilities like learning to walk gently on a leash, wait at the entrance, and keep a strong stay all pay off big time. Alternatively, for more shared playtime, teach your dog shampoo a new game you can play together. Fetch, tug, locate it, hide and seek, and chase games are all alternatives.

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  • Concentrate on being mindful. Dogs, unlike humans, do not dwell on the past about the future. Take your dogs on long walks and immerse yourself in their sensory world. They will teach you how to be mindful and live in the present moment.
  • Prepare a meal for your dog. Though the pandemic is nearing its end, it will likely be months before our lives return to anything resembling normal. We will probably continue to spend a lot of time at home. So it’s a good time to reconsider how you feed your dog. Even if you don’t go the full hog and prepare all of your dog’s meals at home, you may add nutritional toppings to his kibble without breaking a sweat. Use dog shampoo to clean dogs.
  • Participate in your community. Check to see whether your city or town provides programs for citizen gardening, planting trees and native plants, or even project planning.
  • Bring a grabber or gloves and a trash bag on your dog walks and pick up litter, join up for your local dog park’s clean-up day, or carry spare poop bags and gather forgotten piles on trails, sidewalks, and other routes for additional hands-on civic engagement.