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The Homelabs 14000 portable air conditioner is an excellent purchase for any area in your home. Thanks to its automated vertical swing feature, you can effortlessly disperse cold mist throughout the whole space with only one press of the button. On its maximum setting, it can remove up to 100 quarts of moisture per day, and any re-condensed water particles are drained into an attached drain line that flows out through one window or sink. Well, let’s see Homelabs air conditioner review by discussing the features.

Some other features

Comfort and portability are two of the specialities.

Using wheels, you may effortlessly transport it from one location to another when appropriate relief is required.

Various Cooling Modes

The air conditioner offers five distinct cooling modes, including four summer-friendly settings. The first is a “cool” setting, which lowers the temperature in your house by 2 degrees every hour until it reaches 62 or 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hose (single)

Because it is a single hose air conditioner, the homeLabs 14000 uses less energy than twin hose air conditioners because it only discharges hot air while keeping the inside cold.

Exceptional Value for Money

For people who require cooling at their business or home, portable air conditioning is typically an economical and efficient solution, specifically when they’re on a price limit.

It is completely silent.

These devices feature practically quiet operation, with operational volume levels ranging from 50 dB on the maximum setting to slightly under 40 dB at lesser settings.

Filter that is simple to clean

You can wash the filters anytime you need to, but you should wash them every fifteen days for optimum performance and to keep the filters clean.